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By Chris on 17/10/17 | Category - Blinds

The Wave heading system by Silent Gliss is one of our most popular products, and with good reason. This stylish and chic curtain heading system looks fantastic in any room, and combines innovative curtain heading technology with stunning good looks.

Silent Gliss

If you love the waved drop effect that is achieved with eyelet curtains, but want a more elegant and minimalist look, Wave by Silent Gliss is the perfect solution. The special design of the heading tape ensures a continuous and soft wave effect and a neat, uniform appearance. The innovative glider-cord ensures smooth and precise operation, and is available in both manual and electric operating formats.

Silent Gliss Wave offers the following great benefits:

  • Minimalist good looks
  • Offers effortless operation
  • Suits contemporary and traditional interiors
  • Can be used with a pelmet
  • Beautiful wave drop effect

Simplicity and style combined

One of the first things our customers comment on when seeing their Silent Gliss Wave system and curtains installed, is how neat they look. The Wave takes up less space thanks to the heading stack falling back neatly into place, and the glider-cord is invisible when the curtains are closed completely. Cleaning your curtains is also easy as they stay flat when taken down from the track system, and are very easy to put back into position. If you are looking for a heading system and curtains that are as easy to look after as they are to operate, the Silent Gliss Wave system is an excellent choice.

The system also gives you the freedom to choose the exact look and finish for your curtains and track. You can even choose how wide or narrow you want the waves in your curtains to be. There are also a number of complementary accessories including a decorative curtain pole in a range of colours and finishes.

For even more convenience, why not choose the motorised version of the Silent Gliss Wave system? In the home, electrically operated curtain tracks add a touch of luxury, and are the perfect solution if your ceilings are very high, or your curtains are out of reach. In a commercial setting, Silent Gliss Wave is perfectly at home in the auditorium or conference room.

Elegance reinvented - book your Silent Gliss wave appointment today

More and more of our customers are choosing the Silent Gliss Wave system because if offers a stylish solution combined with the latest in curtain track innovation. We would be delighted to arrange an appointment to tell you more about this elegant and practical window dressing solution, and to provide you with a cost effective quote.

By Chris on 10/10/17 | Category - Blinds

Blinds are a great way to control light and privacy in the home or office, and come in a wide array of designs and styles. Versatile, easy to use and attractive, it is easy to see why so many people have chosen blinds for their windows and doors. Like any window dressing, blinds can collect dust, and our helpful guide below will help you to clean and care for your blinds, keeping them in perfect condition.

Cleaning blinds

Vertical blind care

The good news about vertical blinds is that they are possibly the easiest of all blinds styles to care for. We recommend weekly dusting to keep your blinds looking their best. Simply switch your blinds to the closed position, and use a duster or soft cloth to wipe down the slats. Once a year, you can lightly wash down your slats with a little detergent and a damp cloth. There are also some steamers that are designed to clean blinds, but check the manufacturer's instructions first to avoid any damage to your blinds.

Venetian blinds

Okay, so Venetian blinds can be a magnet for dust, but they are actually quite easy to clean. There are some great brushes on the market today designed for this purpose, but you don't necessarily need to spend more money - you probably have what you need at home. In fact, a duster or an old sock can work very well. If you have an upholstery cleaner on your hoover, you can also use this, but be careful not to apply too much suction. Simply wipe or vacuum each slat to remove dust and leave the surface clean.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are thankfully quite easy to clean, and in quick time too. Simply roll the blind down and wipe it gently with a soft cloth or brush. Any stains can be removed with a little water and detergent.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are also very easy to keep clean. To get into the folds and ruches of your fabric, try using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner, on a lower setting if possible so that you don't damage the fabric. Some fabrics may be dry clean only, and if this is the case, simply remove all the fittings, and take to your usual dry cleaning outlet.

For more advice contact our experts

Here at Curtains & Blinds In London, we offer superior products and professional advice. We can give you more tips and tricks on how to keep your blinds looking their best, and how to prolong their life. Get in touch with us today if you have any particular questions, or if you would like to find out more about the services we have to offer. We would be delighted to assist.

By Chris on 25/09/17 | Category - Curtains

If you've ever measured curtains for yourself then you probably know how tricky it can be, especially if you have an irregularly shaped or large window. Even worse, if you take the wrong measurement, you could be stuck with curtains that are too long, or that don't meet in the middle!

Made to measure curtains from Curtains & Blinds In London are the ideal solution, taking away all of the hassle and uncertainty and giving you a fabulous look and a perfect fit.

made to measure curtains 

How To Choose The Perfect Made To Measure Curtains

Buying curtains can throw up so many questions because of the sheer amount of choice available today. We've made the process easy with our handy guide below, and we are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Let's start with heading types. What are they, and what is the difference between them?

Heading types refer to the heading of your curtain. That is the top part of the curtain that is attached to a track or pole. There are essentially four types of heading types. They are:

Eyelet - These headings have holes finished with metal eyelet fittings and these are easily fitted onto a curtain pole with rings.

Pencil Pleat - This is one of the most traditional heading types, and is used for curtains that fit onto a pole or track with rings.

Tab Top - These are one of the most versatile of curtain headings and can be used with most curtain poles without any rings.

Pinch Pleat - If you are looking for a tailored and sophisticated look, a pinch pleat heading is the one to choose.

Now that you've decided on heading types, it's time to consider lining. Curtains without lining can look inferior, will not block out light well and can also let in draughts. Good quality lining, on the other hand, can ensure your curtains hang perfectly, will block out all light and keep your rooms warm and cosy.

Here are some of the lining types we have available:

Blackout - For children's bedrooms or when you just need a little more privacy, blackout linings are the perfect solution.

Standard - This is the cheapest option for linings, and it is perfect for ensuring privacy without darkening a room completely.

Fire Retardant - These do exactly as their name suggests, and are perfect for commercial properties such as public houses and hotels, and also for the home. They offer more protection from fire spread thanks to their fire retardant fabric.

Book Your Free Consultation And Measuring Appointment Today

We would be delighted to tell you more about choosing the right curtains to suit your needs, and our team is standing by now to arrange a free consultation. We can visit with our measuring tape, our fabrics and our years of expertise to show you how we can transform your home with our range of made to measure curtains and blinds.

For more information on this service visit our made to measure curtains page.


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